Photographers Pic PDF

Photographers Pic is a resource for bloggers, webmasters, internet marketers and any company that owns a website. Every website needs to have relevant images. These photos cannot be simply downloaded from random websites. While there are photographs that can be used by the public, most images are copyrighted, by photographers, publishers or agencies. There are stock photos you… Read More »

Qigong Secrets PDF

Qigong Secrets Home Study Course has been developed by Marcus Santer. He has authored four books about Qigong including Shaolin Chi Kung illustrating eighteen exercises to live a longer, happier and healthier life, Smiling From The Heart detailing Qigong techniques to remedy depression and develop high self esteem, Qigong Daily that has three hundred and sixty five ideas… Read More »

Uberman PDF

Uberman is a comprehensive guide to alter and gain control of your consciousness. It is the handbook to become almost superhuman by exploring hitherto unknown secrets and breakthrough technologies. The illustrated program trains you to become more aware than you have ever been, without spending years meditating and trying misunderstood techniques. You could become a real-time human lie… Read More »

Autoimmune Bible System PDF

The AutoImmune Bible is a lifestyle and dietary guide authored by Mark Stevens, a Christian health coach. Stevens was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and was told by doctors that it is an incurable condition. He turned to ancient knowledge and wisdom to find a cure for his autoimmune disorder. The guide can help people prevent and also… Read More »

Max Mind Lean Body PDF

Tom and Dawn Terwilliger, two of the world’s top fitness professionals, have released the secrets to their athletic success in their MAX MIND LEAN BODY System. This husband and wife team promise that their MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method will give you “extraordinary results faster than you ever thought possible.” This is achieved by teaching you how to… Read More »