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By DIP Reviews | February 24, 2017

10-20 Life e-coverEvery athlete has his own training effectiveness secrets for improving performance. I have decided to learn about the secrets to success in powerlifting from Brian Carroll, and downloaded his book the “10/20/ Life”. You have no idea how many new and useful things I have discovered with this book. Every athlete is familiar with the situation when at some point his training effectiveness drops down. Also, with constant use of the same scheme, the athlete gets tired mentally, which also contributes to the high performance of his training sessions. The book Ten/Twenty Life presents a method for success in powerlifting, which allows you to progress for a long time. I do not feel that my strength has reached its limit anymore.

My strength went up! The main difference between Brian Carroll’s method and others is its concentration on exercise performance. This means that it is aimed at improving the physical capabilities of the body. You should always be focused on movement performance, and not on other factors, say, on the change in the body shape’s appearance. This will allow you to achieve goals much faster. It is very important to be focused on performance during training. You will need more than a year to achieve a high level of physical development. If this goal is the most important one for you, then success will come much earlier.

High concentration on exercise performance goes hand in hand with the setting of new goals. The easiest way to measure these goals is in numbers. For example, the addition of weight. This is the easiest goal that an athlete can set for himself. With a goal set, you motivate yourself for its achievement, and moreover, you want to do it as fast as possible. The book 10/20/Life is like an epiphany in the world of strength training!

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