About Dip Reviews

The Internet has given the world the ability to sell digital goods and information products, which is what is impossible to hold in hands. Under digital products, we understand literary, graphics, musical, eBooks, audiovisual works, software that can be downloaded directly from the merchant’s website on the Internet, without the delivery of any tangible medium. The information product – documented information, prepared in accordance with the needs of users and presented in the form of goods.

Information products are software, databases and data banks and other information. By way of delivering digital products are divided into two types – text and a file. Digital goods such as “text” – is a small text file on the volume, the contents of which will be shown to the buyer immediately after the purchase. Digital goods such as “file” – an archive (usually with the extension .zip or .rar), executable (.exe), text (.txt or .doc) or any still image, which the customer will download to his computer immediately after purchases. If possible, re-sales of digital products are divided into unique and universal.

Unique digital goods: each copy sold only once since the re-sale loses its meaning. Any copy of the goods is a bit different from the others, but they are all sold under the same name. Examples of such products: PINs, accounts. Universal digital goods: any copy can be sold an unlimited number of times without loss of quality. In short, if you have something that can be sent by e-mail or put in a network and provide access, you can try to sell this “something”. Most often people sell e-books, articles, lessons, courses, techniques, management, and so on.; The PIN-codes Internet service providers, mobile operators, as well as a variety of Internet services; software and highly specialized software; Web scripts; banner impressions and credits of various services and systems, etc. For all these products you can find reviews on the site Dipreviews.com. 

Do not try to sell the goods on the Internet which are protected by copyright (eg, scanned books by contemporary authors), stolen passwords and programs as well as malware. We do not give advice, which products sell best. Someone can at wholesale prices get the PIN-codes or bonuses – pulls, makes a small cheat, it sells. Someone is a specialist in a narrow range and is well aware that the program can be useful in the work of colleagues – writes the terms of reference, finds the program, receives the program, sells it. Someone who is an experienced player in multiplayer games – creates a character, takes it to the advanced level and sells to the novice. And so on. Look for a niche! If you find it, we suggest that you test your product on our website.

Just send us your digital product, and we through social networks will find a man who would leave a review on it. On readers site DIP Reviews we guarantee the independence and impartiality of the review of a product. We also believe that the review should not belong. We tried to save you time. Therefore, on Dip Reviews website you won’t find a long and boring text in which the only promise is to buy immediately the product. Visitors of the site who want to leave feedback on the information and digital products and services, be sure to let us know about yourself through the feedback form on our website. Team of website DipReviews is sure that there is a place for us in the digital world. Come to our site, subscribe to our account in social networks. Good luck, dear friends!