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By DIP Reviews | June 3, 2020

PDF ebook download! Overthrowing Anxiety, by Christian Goodman. We tend to put so much trust in our fellow man. We somehow believe that somebody out there, it may be the last person on earth, but someone will come to our rescue. We keep scanning the horizon for the cavalry to come over the hill to save us. It’s almost like we feel it’s a guarantee, even in the last moments we look to “man” to come to our aid. Then there is the thought, “Oops I forgot to pray”. We have been waiting all this time for our hero to come along and God has had His hand out the whole time.

We are believers, we know the attributes of God yet we look in every direction for help but to God. Make this covenant, God first. Don’t do anything, ask anything, seek anything, unless you have prayed it out with God first. Hold on to the hand that God holds out. Grab it and hang on tight. If you’re connected to God you won’t need anyone else, and if you do need someone God will send them and be with them. Stay connected with God, He is the true rescuer.

Overthrowing Anxiety


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