Metabolic Stretching PDF

By DIP Reviews | June 3, 2020

PDF ebook download! Metabolic Stretching, by Brian Klepacki. Sitting on chairs or couch for too long in front of laptops, pc, mobile, etc, tightens our back muscles, hamstrings behind our thighs, neck muscles and crunches our shoulder forward. Thus, to avoid problems developing due to it, we should start inculcating stretching habits and exercises in our lifestyle.

Once we stay in a particular posture for long hours, we are straining few muscles, relaxing few muscles, and the unused muscles, become weak. This creates an imbalance in muscle co-ordination and stability which can even lead to deformed posture in the future. Thus, one must stretch at least to keep all muscles in normal strength and balance. Here are a few exercises that we can practice and do daily to improve our posture and muscle strength.

Metabolic Stretching

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