Diabetes Solution Kit PDF

By DIP Reviews | July 17, 2020

PDF eBook Download! The Diabetes Solution Kit, by Joe Burton! Do you want to take control of your health? In Joe’s manual, you will discover how to use all-natural remedies to reverse your diabetes! I had a busy June with a couple of work projects. To be honest, I was feeling pretty crumby about diabetes recently and it would’ve been an exercise in negativity; piling heaps of pressure and scorn upon myself for my mistakes and errors. Which is something I reckon us diabetics do a lot of. I’ve seen a lot of activity on Twitter lately in relation to stigma and shame in diabetes management and it was easy to relate to.

However, onwards and upwards; there’s always tomorrow and whatever your favourite sunny inspirational quote about picking yourself up and getting on with it might be. Driving out blood glucose by drinking much water… Some nurses and even some doctors have already crossed swords with me over this one and they had felt very strongly about the matter, namely that drinking a lot of water supposedly lowers blood sugar. Now I reckon some Grade 8 science might help here.

My understanding of chemistry and physics and biology and all such stuff is that a saturated solution is not going to become supersaturated without the help of some catalyst or agent. (I quite manage to sound stupid, I think.)

If someone is well hydrated, drinking more water will probably not help because the body will simply excrete it and not take in extra sugar. For someone who is dehydrated, drinking water may or may not help. Anyway, if you want to learn more about how to reverse Type II diabetes just read Joe’s e-book. Highly recommended!

The Diabetes Solution Kit PDF


The Diabetes Solution Kit PDF