Original Speed Keto PDF

By DIP Reviews | July 16, 2020

PDF eBook Download! Original Speed Keto, by Dr. Harlan Kilstein. This book is a must to read if you don’t want to fail miserably during your weight loss journey. Keto diet is a good fit for your wellness goals, and if you want to add fruit to your meal plan, choose fruits with the least amount of net carbs. For the uninitiated, Net Carbs is basically the total amount of carbohydrate content in a fruit minus its fiber content. Few fruits that you can eat on a ketogenic diet are listed below:

Avocados: With high fiber, low calorie, and low carb content, avocado is a perfect fruit you can enjoy on a keto diet. This creamy delight is rich in healthy fats and contains less than 2 grams of carbs.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are never included in a fruit salad but it indeed is a fruit, and that too, a fruit which can be enjoyed during a keto diet. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential antioxidants like lycopene.

Lemons: It will give your taste buds a treat and can work wonders for your weight loss goals as well. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C and are low in carbs as well.

Berries: Berries like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries are the best sources of nutrients and have low carbohydrate content. Therefore, these can be enjoyed on a keto diet.

Watermelon: A 100 gram serving on watermelon contains 7 grams of carbs. So this fruit can also be included in your dietary regime if you are following a keto diet.

Some fruits which have high fiber content and are low in terms of sugar, fats, and calories. Nevertheless, these fruits are rich in nutrients and are quite beneficial for your health.

Original Speed Keto PDF


Original Speed Keto PDF