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By DIP Reviews | May 30, 2020

Manhood Maximizer ebook download in Pdf format. Feel free to learn more about Earl Anderson’s method to get HUGE growth! It has been a few days since I have updated, and how’s the time so strap on the undies and hang on.

I have been working just really slowly. I also have a bad habit of overloading myself with projects. I had to go back to ghostwriting AGAIN to help pay some bills. It sucks I was really hoping I would be a lot further by now. But self-publishing is no joke, wearing many hats and some just don’t fit.

I have been productive, writing nearly every day so my literary muscles are taut. I will be updating more often I actually and going to post a list of projects that are in production, post, and future, so I have some sort of content on here lol.

First I want to know..

What songs would your penis sing?

I know your like, “Lolly, you don’t have a penis, in fact, you have a reverse penis” And I would agree, Lolly doesn’t have a penis. But if I did, my ween would sing the following. Feel free to post your pinga songs!

1. I stand alone/Godsmack

2. User Friendly/ Marilyn Manson

3. Swallowed/Bush

4. Under Pressure/ Queen

5. Pet/ A perfect Circle

6. Holy Diver/Dio

7. Poker Face/Lady Gaga

8. Love me tender/ Elvis

9. Have a Cigar/ Pink Floyd

10. Check yo Temperature/ Tech N9NE

Mine would definitely have a sense of humor. It would truly be epic. Anyway, it’s after midnight and I gotta do writing stuff and try not to get distracted by the YouTubes. Attention to all men on this website! Don’t miss Earl’s ebook if you want to get harder, bigger, and thicker!! 

Manhood Maximizer


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