Flow State Training Program

By DIP Reviews | July 2, 2020

PDF Ebook Download! Flow State Training Program, by C Wilson Meloncelli (plus video files). I have been running for several days in a row. I really must go back to keeping a Running Journal so I can keep track of these things. Yesterday I went for a long run up the hill to Herkimer College (previously known as HCCC), so I thought a shorter, easier run would be acceptable.

For most runs, I turn left out of my driveway and head toward German Street. Today for something different, I turned right, going the way I go when I walk to the post office. I went through Meyers Park, another familiar route for me. When we first moved here and I started running again (after several sedentary years and gaining over 30 pounds), I made it a habit to always run through the park. I went on really short runs in those days, but you have to start somewhere. I highly recommended the Flow State Training Program to all runners!

Flow State Training Program

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