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By DIP Reviews | February 23, 2017

Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics picHey, buddies! I have decided to share my experience of losing weight and improving myself based on the method presented in the book “Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics” by Jeff Cowan. It all started pretty interestingly. After having realized the main planned purposes of my life by 25 years old, I have come to a period of stagnation. I did not know that I had everything I wanted, and I did not want what I knew, – the rest was so far away… I had to move on and achieve goals, but what kind of goals? That was unclear. I should now describe myself at that time: weight – 95 kg, height –170 cm. My physical condition during the period of my race for success had been clearly affected: I spent 12 years of my life smoking, and I also used to consume alcohol.

Who can say “no” to a bottle of cold beer when it is hot? As a fan of meat, I used to like to cook and eat. I also used to love to relax with a beer and a barbecue in the countryside on Fridays… That was so great!!! Sedentary lifestyle (although I have a car, it is like when you almost take out the garbage on your car – I am sure drivers know what I am talking about), sedentary work, and my passion for meat and beer have led me to see 101 kg when I stepped on the scale… And that is when I said to myself “STOP, that is a lot. That is too much”. And that is how it all started…

I did not have enough knowledge, therefore, I started to explore Jeff Cowan’s ebook ‘The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics’ that one of my friends had recommended to me. I started to lose weight and lost 20 kg in about 4 months. Of course, there were difficulties, but only at the beginning. Now I am fine, and that is how I want you all to feel. The lifestyle method presented in this book will suit any guy who does not care about himself. Moreover, the book is very well written. I saw the motivation to become better on each page.

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