The Woodworkers Treasure Chest PDF

By DIP Reviews | July 16, 2020

Crispin Thomas’ The Woodworkers Treasure Chest system makes it super easy to research, plan, and execute your woodworking projects, giving you all the resources you need from start to finish. Highly recommended PDF & Video Files! Here are four basic woodworking skills you can easily learn at home:

1) Drilling holes – Use an electric drill. Start by putting markings on the spot you intend to drill to make sure you drill to the same depth. You may also stick a post-it on the surface to catch falling dust.

2) Using cutting materials – Knowing which cutting tools to use will make things a lot easier. The cheapest and ones that are said to work 90% of the time are the handsaws, jigsaws, and circular saws. 

3) Choosing screws – Screws are said to be much better to use than nails when working on a wood project. Wood screws, sheet metal screws, drywall screws, and machine screws are the most common types among the hundreds of different types and sizes of screws.

4) Sanding wood – Sanding is the right solution to eliminate unwanted burs and splinters. Hand sanders, orbital sanders, belt sanders, or just sandpaper alone can help finish raw wood either to completion or to a perfectly acceptable finish. 

Woodworkers Treasure Chest PDF


The Woodworkers Treasure Chest PDF