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By DIP Reviews | March 23, 2019

Photographers Pic is a resource for bloggers, webmasters, internet marketers and any company that owns a website. Every website needs to have relevant images. These photos cannot be simply downloaded from random websites. While there are photographs that can be used by the public, most images are copyrighted, by photographers, publishers or agencies. There are stock photos you can avail but they are costly. Only large websites and digital publishing platforms are able to afford stock images from major agencies. Photographers Pic is an alternative that can save you money and get you great images for relevant use.

Photographers Pic has a membership program wherein users can immediately download three hundred unique images from the private photography vault of Toni Nelson, co-founder of the initiative. Toni and Tom Nelson are professional photographers and they grant you the personal use rights for their images. You can use the photographs on blogs, websites and social media platforms. In addition to the photographs, there are nine hundred quotes or captions that can be accessed and used as webmasters deem fit. Quotes or captions can also be copyrighted and they can lead to the same kind of legal trouble as using images owned by others.

Photographers Pic has a promotional offer right now. You can become a member for only $9.95. Getting access to the photographs and captions that can be used legally averts copyright infringement claims that can prove to be quite costly. Websites are routinely sued by photographers, publishers, and stock images agencies to the tune of eight thousand to as much as thirty thousand dollars. A copyright infringement claim can easily set you back by a small fortune and the best alternative is to secure personal use right from Photographers Pic. Members can also explore the option of getting custom photographs, shot solely for their use by Toni and Tom Nelson.

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