(PDF) The Pandemic Survival Guide

By DIP Reviews | March 23, 2020

PDF eBook Download – The Pandemic Survival Guide… As pretty much the whole world knows, we are in the grip of a new and potentially horrible disease, that is making lots of people unwell and sometimes killing them. It ought to be remembered that diseases have been around since the time immemorial and sometimes diseases even kill people. 

A few years ago, I dreamed a dream that there was a terrible plague doing the rounds and the Govt. had instructed everyone to stay home and preferably indoors. I am not certain if this applied to cats, nothing ever applies to cats does it. Anyway, this dream went on as dreams do and the radio said people were dying and it was not looking so good. largely the same as things these last days and weeks. fear is the biggest enemy and panicking is the second biggest for they go hand in hand.

The panickers will strip the shops and leave the vulnerable with nothing. Just like in a disaster movie and I suspect this is the result of watching those type of films, especially for the ignorant and otherwise stupid members of society. Download Survival Life’s book “Pandemic Preparedness: How to Protect Your Family From an Infectious Disease Crisis” and protect your family today!

Virus Pandemic Survival Guide


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