Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Believe it or not, you REALLY can trigger effortless weight loss in your body by flooding your system with healthy fat – forcing your body to burn the fat stored inside of your body has fueled by starving it of carbs and protein. The ketogenic diet is designed to elevate your metabolism almost automatically, providing you with effortless…… Read More »

The Cinderella Solution

Often we justify our excess weight with our lived years, as if the extra pounds are an unavoidable physiological reaction to age-related changes. Then why do slender women and men after 35 do not get  alarmed and run to the doctor to identify a disease that does not allow them to grow stout with age? Because they do…… Read More »

Above the Ego

Many believe that with the right tools, any relationship can survive virtually any hardship. With the revolutionary marriage/relationship program Above the Ego, great research and other factors have been utilized to establish a program that promises to transform any relationship. Whether you have been married for a number of years, or if you have been seeing each other…… Read More »

Mass Construction

Developed by Mitch Muller, Mass Construction has been created through a desire to help men and women who feel as though their situation is hopeless. If you are tired of the body that you currently have, and you desire something that is stronger, leaner, and healthier, the Mass Construction program could prove to be exactly what you have…… Read More »