Manifestation Power

Many experts on esoterica, psychologists, and even scientists in some cases, state that every wish will come true if “you competently request the Universe.” I am pleased to present you a new book “The Manifestation Power” by James Smith. With its help you can make the universe to give whatever you want. For sceptics, here are a few…… Read More »


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Body for Golf

Ask yourself a few questions. The first – for what do you want to learn how to play golf? Will it be your job, or you need a golf course exclusively for recreational purposes? In the latter case, you can get the basic skills and continue to rely on the patience of your friends. If you’re ready to…… Read More »

Freedom Income Formula

Many books have been written on how to become financially independent. Many of them are shamelessly “thick”. Many contain so skimpy information that could easily be satisfied by an essay in the journal, to fit all your valuable thoughts on the same page. But you need to read them necessarily. That is why I propose reading a new…… Read More »

Eat, Drink And Shrink

Eutrophy is a key to a weight loss and health in common. That is why I am so glad to present you a book “Eat, Drink And Shrink“, where you will find more than 130 recipes, the use of which will help you to lose weight. Let me show you an example – onion soup for a weight…… Read More »