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By DIP Reviews | March 25, 2017

Love Commands e-coverCan you drive men crazy? I can! And the new book “Love Commands” helped me in this. So do not waste your time and download this manual right now. I was a stupid girl until I read this e-book. I came to this conclusion in just a few days of applying my new knowledge to practice. To be a woman is a great step, to drive mad is heroism. To be a Woman – real, with a capital letter – is not given from birth to everyone. This is a science that should be studied all your life. And appearance here plays far not the first role. After all, it often happens that men are not going crazy for a beautiful woman, but for an insignificant at first glance modesty.

Because there is something in it, why the representatives of the strong half of humanity immediately understand: she is a Woman. How to become such? How to make a man catch every look and gesture? It’s not easy, but it’s possible! The main thing – patience and following some rules from the book by Scott Foster. No one else attracts the interest of men, like a confident woman. Her confidence should extend to everything-her own exclusivity, attractiveness and irresistibility, her mind and professionalism, her sexual literacy and her ability to understand men.

However, the confidence in the above advantages should not be based on an empty seat, since it will already be self-confidence. A “dummy”, who imagines herself a queen, can only irritate a man. Therefore, it is always necessary to improve in everything. So start a detailed study of the guide, about which this review is about, and I’m sure that in the shortest time you will be able to surprise the men around you. You will become like nobody else is because armed with special knowledge you will become a real predator for men’s hearts.

Not a single woman can learn the science of how to drive a man crazy without having an easy and pleasant character. In today’s world, it is difficult to be always friendly and sweet. With a constant fight for a place under the sun in our time, even Cinderella can become a vicious bitch. But would the Prince have fallen in love with her, would she be like that? No, then you should also avoid such qualities. Whichever problems occur in your life, do not allow anger, jealousy, and sarcasm to prevail you. Are you angry?

Do not suppress anger, do not save it, but throw it out immediately, if it is appropriate in this situation. Do not scold others – it will put you in a bad light. And even more – do not throw out the poison of envy and anger towards other women, whoever they may be and no matter how they treat you.

Man + sex is an inseparable tandem. This is the sphere in which one can reign supreme and command a woman. True, for this you need to be sexually literate and relaxed. Routine monotonous intimacy is the main reason for men’s trips to him leaving you divorce. Appreciate your sexual preferences and honestly answer yourself to the question, how do you behave in bed? Are you relaxed?

Do you often take the initiative? If you answer these questions negatively, then you will have to learn the basics of science how to drive a man into bed in a madman’s mind. No man will have the pleasure of being close to you if you do not get it. Show your attractiveness and develop it. I wish you a successful acquaintance!

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