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By DIP Reviews | February 27, 2017

Fungus Protocol e-coverMost diseases are the result of our passivity and inactivity. But there are diseases that haunt primarily those who live an active life. Thus, fungal diseases of the foot skin and nails occur in athletes 40% more often since the risk factors are primarily overheating and high humidity of the feet. My name is Pamela Horton, and I also had to face the foot fungus problem. I tried everything but nothing helped me, so I decided to search the entire Internet and came across a book titled “Fungus Protocol” by Hans Frieder, which presents a unique method of getting rid of this nasty disease. And guess what? Now I feel fine after a month, and that is how I wish you all to feel! Many believe that foot fungus is just a cosmetic defect. However, this is not the case.

This harmful microorganism is the hearth and the source of infection for other parts of the body. It can produce toxins and cause allergic reactions, and even develop bronchial asthma. Some causative agents of nail fungus are able to penetrate into the blood, affecting the inguinal and axillary lymph nodes. Moreover, fungal infections can provoke other infectious diseases – for example, erysipelas, and significantly complicate the course of diabetes. This disease significantly reduces the quality of life, no doubt: athlete’s foot makes the skin itchy, and the nails blacken and crumble, and you cannot even wear open shoes in hot weather.

Nail fungus interferes with recreation, sports, communication, and personal life. Furthermore, it is very contagious, therefore an infected person represents a constant threat for his or her family members. The fungus will never go away on its own once it has appeared. It can even spread from your foot to your nails. You decide whether to treat this infection or not!

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