Folker System Vert Shock PDF

By DIP Reviews | November 5, 2018

Folker System Vert Shock – PDF download by Adam Folker & DIP Reviews. Vert Shock is a three-step training program designed by the best dunker in the world that can help aspiring sportspersons, athletes and fitness enthusiasts to add anywhere from nine inches to fifteen inches to their vertical jump. Jumping is a natural attribute of most animal species. Humans are good jumpers but not the best in the animal kingdom. Most humans would not be able to jump relentlessly for a period of time. It is also not possible to attain the highest vertical jump at every attempt. However, it is possible to add a few more inches to your steepest vertical jump with this training program.

Folker System Vert Shock pdf


Folker System Vert Shock PDF



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