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By DIP Reviews | January 15, 2019

PDF Download! The Favorite Food Diet, eBook by Chrissie Mitchell. As more Londoners started returning to the capital last week after a long festive break, I could not fail to notice the great sense of distress, loss, and despair of the millions of miserable and depressing workers heading back to their respective jobs… with a few more inches around their waists too!!!

Every year history repeats itself! Londoner’s waists expand at the same rate as their pockets become emptier.

It sure does not help that the days are increasingly getting shorter and the sun rarely comes out to greet the crowds. Too many people suffer from SAD without even realizing the condition and most do not know how to cope either.

However, there are sensible ways to overcome this situation and navigate the gloomy winter in a more optimistic way.

This is where exercise and diet come into play!

Far too many inexperienced and ignorant people currently follow social media, international celebrities, and other unqualified fake gurus blindly without even questioning or even having a clue about what they are doing.

It’s quite a surreal phenomenon: the blind leading the blind!!

For those who are not aware, being healthy and athletic has become surprisingly trendy and fashionable in London in the last few years, courtesy of “the distant American cousins”!

Some people are still not aware that a healthy and careful diet is just as important as exercise, if not playing a more vital part in the process as both functions in tandem.

Often I overhear conversations in public places where people brag about the latest, most expensive and stylish gear they have just bought. Along with bragging about doing x amount of training sessions per day and week, not even suspecting just how much they are damaging their bodies and pockets.

For those who are wondering what is wrong about this, sport should not come down to exercising just once in a while to show off or purposely wear expensive branded equipment just to do the school run, shop at the stores or visit the doctor pretending that one does exercise regularly really, or taking it on as a new hobby just to “keep up with the Joneses”…

Sport is actually a science and there is no quick fix or short cuts to gain fast results! In fact, it takes a considerable amount of time, consistent training, dedication, self- discipline, the all mighty shift in mindset and lifestyle to see a meaningful and long-lasting personal improvement.

In conclusion, practicing sports whilst having no intention to maintain the activity on a long term basis just because it is now trendy is quite terribly sad! However dedicating time every day throughout the year to keep yourself fit, balanced, healthy and incorporating those same habits into your personal lifestyle is the best way to proceed.

In my opinion, nothing comes even close to the experience of actually training outdoors all year long, weather permitting. Group classes specially offer the urban population a golden opportunity to socialize with like-minded people in a safe and controlled environment.

If you add to this, the feeling of pushing yourself to the next level at the sound of spontaneous birdsong whilst watching squirrels running around, catching the soft breeze on your face as you breathe the natural air and wait for the sun to emerge behind the clouds, you have an absolute winner life choice!

Some lone wolves out there remain adamant and prefer to exercise on their own, like the runners and the cyclists whose minds remain focused and still as they meditate and recycle their respective day just gone.

Needless to say, the most valuable part of the process is definitely to benefit from the confidence boost, enjoy the revitalizing and energizing effect on the body and mind, the endorphins and the oxygen that floods your entire body system.

Believe me when I say that outdoor training is a priceless experience and beats any therapy session with a specialist, once back from Christmas break!

Favorite Food Diet by Chrissie Mitchell

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