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By DIP Reviews | July 10, 2020

PDF eBook Download! Fat Disruptor system, by Dan Long. For years I told myself that one time won’t hurt. I have an anxiety disorder and eating has been a comfort for me for many years. However, when you eat at restaurants and drive-thru fast food joints constantly week after week, it does hurt. I had a wake-up call this week at an annual doctor visit. This is the most I’ve ever weighed in my whole life and I thought I was at least ten pounds less. Help your body grow stronger, leaner, and more efficient.

I’ve started diets before and even gone for a few months with no alcohol and trying to order healthier when eating out. But what is ailing me is not going to be fixed in a few weeks or even a few months. I need to have a whole lifestyle change that will last at least two years (to start with) and I can’t have any cheat days.

Processed food and fast-food restaurants suck you in because they use ingredients that create an addiction in the brain. These include sugar, salt, and fried foods. I have been steadily gaining weight for over ten years and I really don’t want to spend the next ten years trying to get back to a healthy body.

I already don’t buy milk, ice cream, sugary snacks, fatty snacks, loafs of bread, sodas, and the like. However, I keep things like bisquick and sometimes I get the craving to make cinnamon rolls or something. And that’s got to change. By the way, Dan Long’s weight loss system is really cool. Highly recommended!

Fat Disruptor


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