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Language of Attraction PDF

The Language of Attraction – PDF download by DIP Reviews. The Language of Attraction is a guide for men to become more attractive for women so the seduction is natural, compelling and consequential. There are seven modules discussing various aspects that play an integral role in the language of attraction. There is a need to go beyond the… Read More »

67 Ways To Make Her Come PDF

The 67 Ways To Make Her Come – PDF download by DIP Reviews. Gigolo Josh has satiated innumerable clients around the country and is one of the most sought after male escorts among women from various walks of life. Josh has encountered women at their wildest best and has revelations that can completely transform the understanding of women… Read More »

Alive After the Fall PDF

Alive After the Fall – PDF download by Alexander Cain. Alive After the Fall is a take on the biblical prophecies that have come true and one that is about to happen. Five major events from around the world in recent times can be directly contextualized biblically as per the prophecies of Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and John. One… Read More »

The Carnivore’s Bible PDF

The Carnivore’s Bible – PDF download by James Cole. His book delves into drying, dehydrating, smoking and curing meat. You will be able to make pickles and other edibles out of meat that can last almost indefinitely. There traditional methods of preserving eggs, cheese and milk that will enable you to stock up for as long as a… Read More »

Manifestation Magic PDF

Manifestation Magic – PDF download by Alexander Wilson. Just imagine how good life could be – how easy life could be – if you could wish upon a star every night before you went to bed and wake up with a pile of money in your bank account the next morning. Never again would you have to worry… Read More »